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Established in 2011, OperaCréole has carried the torch of New Orleans' operatic history for over a decade, pausing only to ensure the safety of our singers during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

From Lucien-Léon Guillaume Lambert's La Flamenca to Givonna Joseph's original Les Lions de la Reconstruction, this is the place to find curated videos of OperaCréole's performances, productions, and concerts.

  2023-2024 Season
13th Anniversary Season
The American Church in Paris    
2018-2019 Season
2021-2022 Season

2022-2023 Season

Opera and All That Jazz 
New Orleans Opera Series  

Movie Premiere Pre-Concert Gala         
 April  21, 2023 
The Broad Theater

Concert Spirituel
Sponsored by
The Historic New Orleans Collection
The Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra
St. Louis Cathedral
October, 19,2022
OperaCréole represents
the enslaved choir in a recreation of a 1780 concert in San Domingue (Haiti)

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